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Imagine a whole bunch of Mr Rodgerses except armed and willing to fight.

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Individualist anarchists are not a homogeneous sort of folks. We likely disagree with each other as much as we will with whatever sort of terrible ideological phantasmagoria you'll try to convince us of. However, individualist anarchists, generally speaking, are people who see the state and capitalism (along with other forms of groupthink, traditions and ideological faiths) as inimical to our lives as individuals.

In our responses to this anarchistic observation about the state and capitalism, there is a long history of individualist anarchism overlapping with other schools of anarchist thought -- such as Post-Left, Green, and Insurrectionary Anarchism.


The goal of this sub particularly devoted to Individualist Anarchism is not to distract from these rich and meaningful overlaps with other anarchist traditions or anarchism in general. Rather, this sub is meant to facilitate discussion and education on topics related to Individualist Anarchism, and to advance the perspective that not only is anarchism compatible with individualism, but it is indeed the logical conclusion of radical individualism.

What to Post:

To that end this sub will be a place for discussion, inquiries and debate on the topics surrounding Individualist Anarchism, as well as a place to post links to literature from an Individualist Anarchist perspective.

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Important Individualist Anarchist Thinkers:

Do not solicit or post sensitive personal information. Any attempts at soliciting sensitive personal information will be removed and result in a permanent ban.

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