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A subreddit for girls with "Innies".

Here's a handy diagram to help illustrate.

Want to make a self post to show off what god gave you, but feel you have more of an outie? Over here!: /r/LabiaGW


  • No underage/questionable age (<18) or 'creep shots' (voyeur pics) - please report any you spot. We remove any we notice & take seriously reddits official view on this.

  • Do not insult self posters or abuse moderators - This will get you permabanned. Disagreeing or arguing with someone is fine. Just insults and you'll be banned permanently.

  • Please tag self posts with an "[f]" - This is so the bot picks it up and you get flair. Thank you!

  • Each submission must appear as an innie according to our definition. - You can find a full description and many examples here. In short, an innie is a pussy where the labia minora is not visible and just appears as a crease between the labia majora. The clit and hood should also not be visible. Please see this diagram if you are unsure of what these terms mean. Submissions not conforming to these definitions will be removed. Each submission is judged based solely on what is shown in that submission.

  • Your pussy MUST be visible in your submission. - As this subreddit is for innie pussies submissions where there is no pussy visible, or the pussy is otherwise obscured, will be removed. Each submission must be judged by our moderation team to determine whether or not it is an innie by our sub's definition. If the pussy is obscured that means it cannot be judged and therefor will be automatically rejected.

  • Video/GIF/Gallery Submission Guidelines - (1) Video/GIF: If the pussy appears to be an innie at any point it qualifies. (2) Gallery: We prefer gallery submissions to only contain pictures with innies. However, as long as an innie is within the gallery we are fairly lax in enforcing that. How blatantly the other pictures are against our rules, if there are more innies than not, and if the non-qualifying pictures are of the girl with a qualifying innie or not, will heavily weight these decisions. If you want to share a gallery of largely non-qualifying pictures it may be preferable to do so within the comment section of your post as comments are not moderated as submissions. They should however relate to the submission.

  • Approved Hosts - Please use one of the following approved hosts: Reddit, Imgur, gfycat. Posts using other image hosts may be subject to removal without warning.

  • Post Limit - Please limit your submissions to 3-4 per day. We love that some of you may want to share more but we would encourage you to use albums rather than an excessive number of individual submissions to do so.

  • Money-making endeavors - If you use reddit to sell panties, fetish items, cam shows, host your content on profit-making sites, or anything similar, that's perfectly fine. But we'd ask that you avoid doing so in this sub, and also please avoid comments advertising any such money-making endeavors, subreddits, or websites.

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