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What's it about?

> The idea here is to post things in which someone instantly regrets making a particular decision that they thought would turn out very differently, or resulted in unexpectedly bad consequences: a deliberate action that had horrible results.

Rules (not rigidly enforced)

1. All posts MUST show some kind of instant regret.

  1. All links could show a person expressing regret, following an act of failing. Regret needs to be somehow obvious on the person's face, or portrayed through body language. If you have a gif that shows someone failing, and DOESN'T show regret afterwards, it ok I guess.

2. No abusive comments, hate speech, or any other direct attacks.

  1. Also, no releasing personal information or witch-hunting.

3. There will be no tolerance for spam.

  1. Any individual spamming will be banned immediately.

4. Posts must only be hosted on imgur, gfycat, or YouTube.

  1. If your submission isn't from one of those websites, it will automatically be removed.

5. All gifs/videos longer than 20 seconds must mention in the title when the regret appears.

  1. If you post a YouTube hosted video, you also must have the video start reasonably close to the regret appearing.
  2. This can be done by clicking the "share" button on the video page, checking the "start at" box and entering the time you want the video to start at. We don't check though.

> If you see someone breaking the rules, please message the mods and let us know!

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