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All Things Insurance

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Welcome to r/insurance!


> * There is absolutely no solicitation. Doing so will result in an immediate ban. This includes requesting a poster to contact you privately.

> * This is a community of insurance professionals and geeks who love the field of insurance.

What is our Goal?

> * 1. To help our fellow redditors with any insurance related questions. Need help with a policy? Confused about your coverages? Want help shopping for insurance? We are here to help you!

> * 2. We are here to share relevant topics to promote insurance knowledge among professionals.

Posting Guidelines


> * Reviews, feedback, comments and questions relevant to insurance.

> * Please include your location, state/country, as insurance differs across borders.

> * If you post and are unable to see it, please contact the mods. Sometimes the auto-moderator marks stuff as spam, when it isn't. When submitting a question to the mods, please link to the post in the message so we can easily find it and fix it.

> * This should go without saying, but you need to be civil. If you disagree with someone, you can express that disagreement but insults and doxing are never permitted. This will result in removal of the comment and could lead to your banning from /r/Insurance .


> * Absolutely no Solicitation. We have an active mod team, you will be banned. If you are unsure just send us a message about your post. Like almost all of the professional subs, requesting someone to PM you is not allowed. > * For requests for financial help. Try /r/assistance > * For insurance professionals try /r/insurancepros > * For legal advice try /r/legaladvice

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