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Got yourself one of them interdimensional cable boxes? Post your favorite stuff here.

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Hey! Oh, cool! Is that crystallized Zanthonite? It conducts electrons across dimensions. Twenty percent accurate, as usual, Morty. The important thing being I just upgraded our cable package with programming from every conceivable reality.


  1. Use the Report link to report offending interdimensional content.

  2. Please, no reposts within 6 months. And no reposts of the top 25 all-time posts on this sub.

  3. Do not spam the same channel over and over.

  4. No death, unless it's obviously fictional.

  5. Posts are to be in line with Interdimensional Cable standards. Videos should be unusual in nature and seem as though they could be from an alternate dimension, with varying degrees of uniqueness, strangeness, and otherworldly qualities therein. For more information, see the "Rixty Minutes" episode of Rick & Morty. Please don't just spam Tim & Eric videos and the like, we expect at least a little bit of effort here.

  6. YouTube videos only!

  7. No Adult Swim content! (This does not include content from sources such as RolandTV!)

  8. No politics! (Meaning videos that use politics as a main source of humor.)

If you have any feedback, just send the mods a message! We'll be sure to discuss any sort of comment, idea, you name it!

Also, go check out /u/mrmcpowned's InterdimensionalCable website! The best way to view our subs content! Or, check out this updated version with the ability to select subreddits!

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