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This subreddit is to offer and request invites for private web services.

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  1. Trading, buying, and selling are prohibited - In the spirit of sharing please share what you have freely.

  2. Posts can only contain an Offer or Want, not both. Otherwise they will be considered a trade request.

  3. Anything in the [No Movement List] (/r/Invites/comments/2eoag9/no_movement_list_same_as_the_old_one_but_newer/) cannot be offered/wanted here - These sites have asked us not to share their invites in public.

  4. [All post titles must begin with] (/r/Invites/comments/lig7u/mod_new_post_structure_now_with_tagging_goodness/) [O] or [W] (aka Offer/Want)

  5. Accounts cannot be offered/wanted/shared here.

  6. No referral/promotional links (try /r/Affiliates, /r/Referral, /r/Referrals).

  7. No "me too" comments - Please start your own post when requesting/offering invites.

Breaking the above rules will result in the post/comment being removed & risk a ban from the sub.

Invite Resources:

  • Demonoid invites? Go to /r/Demonoid or /r/DemonoidP2P

  • RARBG invites? Go to /r/RARBG

  • Usenet-related invites? Go to /r/UsenetInvites

Other Resources:

  • BitTorrent questions? Check out /r/trackers for private/public tracker discussion or /r/torrents for general info

Did you receive an invite here? - Please consider paying it forward by offering future invites back to the /r/Invites community. Our sub can only exist if people offer as well as ask for invites. :)

SITE ADMINS - Don't want your site listed here? Send the mods a message requesting to be removed

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