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Isolated Vocals

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Songs With The Vocals Isolated

Created due to popular demand on this comment. Isolated tracks really bring out the talent of the artist, bring a whole new way to listen to a track, and are a great way to study the lyrics.


  • Please limit submissions to a max of 3 a day. So that other submissions have a chance to be seen.

  • Please use the following title format for track submissions:

Artist - Track (extra info and/or BPM)[Genre][Vocals only]

  • Genre is not mandatory

  • Please add the BPM IF possible, it is not mandatory

  • Requests are only allowed in the weekly thread!

  • If your submission links to a website with "intrusive advertisements" (redirects, popups, etc) it will be removed

  • If you are seeking help on how to isolate please use the following title format:

[Help] Title


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