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Israel: Land of Milk and Honeys

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ברוכים הבאים ל-/ר/ישראל / Welcome to /r/Israel!

Shalom! This subreddit exists to foster constructive conversation about the modern State of Israel. Respectful discussion about Israeli news, society, culture, business, politics, economics, and technology is welcome here. Do you have a problem with the subreddit? Kindly send it in through modmail so we can solve it for you. Do you have a specific question? Check out our subreddit wiki!

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  1. Please familiarize yourself and follow all rules of reddiquette
  2. Post in a civilized manner. Personal attacks, racism, bigotry, trolling and incitement are prohibited.
  3. No misleading or editorialized titles. When posting links: No misleading titles, titles should reflect the content of the article/video etc. Titles should not contain personal commentary. Don't alter the original title if it's not necessary.
  4. Do not post articles or text/image posts that have no relation to the state of Israel, Israeli citizens, or Palestine, even if they are related to Judaism. Direct relation to Israel or Palestine should be reflected in the title of your post. Please see the Related Subreddits tab below to find a more appropriate location for these submissions.
  5. Do not post specific rocket landing locations, military movements or military and police presence during any time there is an active security situation.
  6. Do not create posts about antisemitism or anti-Israel content/trends in other subreddits. This is not the place to post about the bias of other subreddits or their moderation. Links to other subreddits that do not fall under this rule need to be np links.
  7. No spamming, proselytizing, and crowdfunding requests. Self promotion is strictly forbidden without the explicit permission of the moderation team.
  8. No reposting, especially when posting news, please check if it wasn't posted already. When reporting a repost, please include a link to the original post.
  9. Violation of sub rules and/or reddiquette will result in warnings or bans at moderator discretion. The moderators of this subreddit reserve, in some circumstances, the right to exercise disciplinary measures based on violations witnessed in modmail or PMs and the right to arbitrarily discipline users for violations of the spirit of the rules or disruption of the subreddit's healthy functioning.

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