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The rules of r/jax.

r/jax is where the greatest minds of Jacksonville gather to share or discuss anything.

Found some good music/want to start a collaborative playlist? Do you have a political or societal thought about anything (local or even world-wide)? Discuss it with Jaxonites. Feel free to post a thread about anything, the only people interested in this sub-reddit are people from Jacksonville.

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NOTE: If you use a "tag" in your post: [Pic] for pictures, [Vid] for videos, [Pol] for politics, etc. It will be easy for your post to be found by others in the -CATEGORIES- section below.

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See if anyone is on in the /r/jax chat - Hosted by reddit.

● Currently featured website: MAKE JAX WEIRD

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● Other Jacksonville communities:
/r/jacksonvillefla and /r/jacksonville They're all good in their own way. (If you want your local community added to this side-bar message the moderators of r/jax.)

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