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Discussion on JFK Files released October 26, 2017.

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- Discussion on JFK Files released October 26, 2017. This community is meant for collaboration and discussion on finding and sharing info found in these files.

The Files can be found HERE.


  1. Only use legitimate sources. Links to conspiracy sites with poor reliability and track records will be removed.

  2. No current politics shall be discussed. This subreddit is for discussing the JFK files only. Your thoughts on current political topics is not relevant, and therefore will be removed.

  3. Titles of posts must be factual. Titles for submissions of new info should be 100% factual and objective. Leave speculation to the comments.

  4. Posts must link to relevant article in the files. ALL submissions must provide a valid link to the file in the JFK Database at the National Archive (and/or wherever released files end up hosted, if different). All non database submissions will be flared as speculation.

  5. Fake news will not be tolerated. "Intentionally spreading fake shit [will] lead into a ban." Also, repeated posts or comments of unconfirmed info could lead to ban.

  6. Let users know where you found your information. Reference the document number and title before title so we can look up the original source of the topic at hand.

  7. Fake posts will be removed. Posts that are called out as fake/misleading with sound arguments with at least a little to back it up will be removed.

  8. Link to third parties with caution. Links to third party sites other than the files are allowed as long as they are factual, relevant, and most importantly, not spam. Third party sources should be approved by mods.

  9. Posts should be about files, nothing else.

  10. Any posts inciting violence or hate speech of any kind will lead to ban.

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