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A subreddit for Japanese RPGs, past and present.

Allowed Submissions

  • News and articles
  • Informative self-posts
  • Trailers & Promotional Gameplay


  • Follow Reddiquette
  • Images are not allowed
  • Do not ask for specific questions about specific games. Try GameFAQs.
  • Do not ask which game you should play. Try /r/gamingsuggestions.
  • Do not ask for game recommendations. Try /r/gamingsuggestions or /r/askgames.
  • No personal streams or Let's Plays.
  • No low-effort posts.
  • Use spoiler tags when necessary.

    [X kills Y!](/spoiler) = X kills Y!
  • No blatant self-promotion.

For more details on the rules, read here.

If your post disappears, please contact the moderators in modmail to see if it got caught in the spam filter.

Scheduled JRPG Weekly Discussions

  • Monday: Suggestion Request Free For All
  • Thursday: Let's Play / Stream JRPG Weekly
  • Friday: What have you been playing, and what do you think of it?
  • Sunday: Music Sunday

Free For All, Let's Plays/Streams, and Music must be posted as a comment in their respective weekly post, not on the front page.

Let's Plays/Streams/Twitch Channels
- /r/JRPG User Streams/Twitch Channels
- /r/JRPG Let's Play Archives

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