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just NO! family

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In the spirit of /r/JUSTNOMIL and /r/raisedbynarcissists...

Presenting Just NO! Family, a support subreddit for people dealing with challenging family dynamics and/or family members with personality disorders; diagnosed or undiagnosed.

  • Feel free to text post or link post to relevant articles.

  • While allowed here, posts about MIL or Mothers In Law are best suited to the vibrant community at /r/JUSTNOMIL



1. Shaming is not okay.|If you disagree be civil and respectful. Remember the human and remember that many posters here are dealing with disordered personalities and disordered upbringings.
2. No trolling.|Self explanatory and common knowledge. C'mon people.
3. No backseat modding.|Our rules are here in order to foster reasonable discussion, support, and advice. Using our rules as ammunition against another poster does not further these goals. If you see someone breaking a rule, report it and move on.



 |nbsp; ---|--- (M/F/B/S)IL|Mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law; if it has an S before any of the previous acronyms it indicates a step relationship. An F before it means future.
D(H/W/S/D)|Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter. The D can stand for whatever you like.
SO/OH|Significant Other, Other Half
LO|Little One. Just type out baby. It is two letters more.
BEC|Bitch Eating Crackers. Someone so irritating that even normal things, such as eating crackers, annoys the shit out of you.
LC/VLC/NC|Low-Contact/Very Low-Contact/No Contact, respectively. Used to describe the degree to which one has cut a certain family member out of their lives.
GC/SG|Golden Child, Scapegoat



  • /r/JustNoMIL (the mothership)

  • /r/JustNoFIL (under new management!)

  • /r/JustNoSO (significant others)

  • /r/JustNoDIL (memes & shitposts)

  • /r/LetterstoJNMIL (non-MIL stuff)



  • /r/raisedbynarcissists
  • /r/relationships
  • /r/relationship_advice

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