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Jab (/r/Jab)

Active 420chan Thead - Updated 9/21/14

Most Jab Comix can be found here - 8muses

This subreddit is dedicated to Jab Comix

Share where to find Jab Comix with other subscribers!

Important: Read This:

Do not host images of Jab Comix on, as they will be taken down within minutes.


Download Chan Thread Watch (CTW), navigate to one of the threads listed above, copy the URL, and then paste it into Chan Thread Watch. (You can set it to check for updates to the thead every x minutes)

Note you will need either winrar or 7-zip to extract CTW

I'll try to write up a more in-depth guide for new users soon!

If you find other sites that contain Jab Comix, make a self post and share.

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