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Japan Trips & Travel Tips

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Welcome to /r/JapanTravel! This subreddit is for any and all looking to visit Japan — including those who have already been.

Accounts less than a day old are blocked to reduce spamming

The Common Sense rule: Obviously this sub is for talking about topics related to traveling in Japan. Non-travel related Japan posts or generic travel posts belong in the appropriate related subs and will be removed from here.

Clickbait, spam, memes, ads, brochures, surveys, information crowdsourcing, vlogs and videos, personal blog links or other forms of self-promotion (ESPECIALLY GOFUNDME CAMPAIGNS) will be removed and users will be banned. If you want to do promote yourself, go buy ad space on Reddit.

Posts and comments containing racist, sexist and other forms of discriminatory language will be removed. Please try to keep things PG-13. There are many resources online regarding sexual services and products available in Japan — we're just not one of them.

50% of posts here can be answered by looking through this sub's resources or by searching past posts. Have you checked our General Advice page yet? Did you thoroughly read the FAQ? Did you check the resource page? Have you explored Japan Guide?

Submission Guidelines

  1. Read the FAQ and check out the General Advice page before posting. Avoid repetitive questions. Search the subreddit to see if topics have been covered already.

  2. Be descriptive. One or two word titles ("Check my itinerary!" or "Tokyo question") rarely provide enough information for other users. Itinerary posts must include more information than dates and location.

  3. No selfies. No personal photos unless linked in a trip report or as explained in rule 10. We're not your Facebook or Instagram. Vlogs and personal videos will be removed, no exceptions.

  4. Be as specific as possible, including: where you're starting, dates of travel, budget, interests, places you've been, things you like and dislike. This can make a significant impact to suggestions, availability, etc. the community can provide to you.

  5. Check Google and Japan Guide before posting. You just might find the answer to your question. Any posts requesting information that could be easily researched will be removed.

  6. Present the research you've already done so we don't feel like we're doing everything for you; we are not your travel agents. No "Is XYZ location worth it?" posts. Only you can determine this for yourself.

  7. Low-effort posts ("Tips for Tokyo?", "Where should I go?") will be removed without further notice. This includes "karma whoring" posts such as, "I miss Japan!" or "How did it feel when you were in Japan??"

  8. Any and all meet-up requests for tourists or transient travelers in Japan should be posted in the Mega Meet-Up thread stickied on the sub's main page. A new thread is made each month, so please keep your meet-up posts limited to the thread that corresponds to the month you'll be visiting Japan. This includes ticket resales.

  9. Direct links to external sites (blogs/travel sites/certain image & video hosts etc.) will be flagged as spam. If you want to share something interesting from external sites, link it in a text post and provide comments to encourage discussion. Here is a good example of how to endorse/share external sites. Here is another from 2017. NOTE: Vlogs and personal videos are not permitted under this rule. Make a trip report instead.

  10. We do not allow AMAs. Please create a more detailed trip report sharing your experiences instead. This sub is full of people who have been to Japan before or live in the country. The intent of /r/JapanTravel is so users can ask questions or conduct research with information provided from the entire community — not just from one person.

  11. No souvenir or merchandise purchasing requests. No hotel or restaurant booking requests.

  12. No "meta" posts about this sub - (ie: "why do people post the same itineraries all the time?"). No PMs to individual mods about removed comments or posts. Problems or questions should be directed to moderators via the mod mail interface.

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