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This is /r/Jeopardy! A community for discussing Jeopardy! episodes, news, strategy, and appreciation.


  • Do not post blatant spoilers for the current day's game in post titles. Don't ruin the fun of the show for others.
  • Do not violate non-disclosure agreements regarding the show. If you're a contestant or otherwise have knowledge about upcoming games, keep it to yourself.
  • Keep the discussions civil. It's fine to disagree or criticize but no name calling or insults will be tolerated. Be excellent toward your fellow community members and toward Jeopardy! contestants.
  • Requests for episode uploads will be deleted by the moderation team on sight.
  • No parody or joke accounts.
  • Contestants often post and lurk here (past, present, and future). Posting and commenting should be done with this in mind.
  • Please do not post links to videos of old games that you may have discovered.
  • For contestant flair, follow this guide.


  • Jeopardy!
  • J! Archive, the most authoritative fan-run archive of Jeopardy! episodes
  • JBoard, a message board for Jeopardy! fans
  • /r/jeopardy wiki, includes links to more in-depth resources on Jeopardy! history, strategy, etc.

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