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Welcome to JessicaNigri2!

If your asking why this Sub and not the main one, you can check out why here but TL;DR ALL Jessica Nigri related content is allowed here and is a censorship-free sub which is not the case on the main sub. Feel free to rant/post content/chat in posts (as long as it follows the rules below).

If you are apart of the community that doesnt like the the NSFW edits flair you can filter them out by checking out this post or just click here

We hope you enjoy your stay here. :)


  1. No Shitposting: Please don't make irrelevant/spammy posts or use misleading titles.

  2. Content needs to be Nigri-related: Posts about Jessica Nigri ONLY go on this subreddit (videos, images, Patreon posts, etc.). When making scandalous posts (such as this one for example), they must contain enough evidence to be considered legible. Otherwise, it will be discarded.

  3. Follow basic Rediquette: Be polite, stay on topic in posts, and don't be a dick to others.

  4. Please dont use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram links: This is because Imgur, Eroshare, Direct Reddit Upload or other image hosting services tend to stay online for longer.

*Comments that do not follow this rule will be removed at the moderator's discretion.

TL;DR: Act like an adult, use good judgement when posting (Nigri stuff that is), and don't shitpost on this sub. Thank you. :)

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