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Welcome to /r/journalism!

Posts should focus on journalism. They should be about the industry or practice of journalism (from the classroom to the newsroom).

Please no posts which comment on "what's wrong with the mainstream media." We know it's bad, that's why we are here, to help make it better.

Posts should not be:

  • Memes
  • Rage comics
  • Plain news stories

All posts and comments should also be civil. We're adults, so there aren't any kinds restrictions on profanity or bold language, but vitriol without substance will be removed.

We should all also remember reddiquette when using /r/journalism.

Please post jobs and internships here.


[How do I get experience when I have no experience?] (

Advice for entering journalism

Lastly, thank you very much for your contributions to this subreddit!

Data Journalism

Suggested Readings List by Dan Nguyen

Learn to Code by Lena Groeger

News Hackers twitter list*

Dev Data twitter list*

*Public lists to follow. The people on these lists are fantastic

Useful digital tools curated by Journalism Tools (@Journalism2ls)

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