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A Rabbi walks into a bar...

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Don't forget to count the omer!

Here you can find resources of, by, for, and in general proximity to all things Jew~ish. This is a non-denominational subreddit, we expect everybody to respect that.

We have a book club!

The Rules.
  1. Don't be a jerk.
  2. No antisemitism.
  3. Don't proselytize.
  4. Don't make clickbait/editorialize titles.
  5. Don't fundraise or post surveys without prior permission.
  6. Use the report feature.
  7. Read the rules before posting.

Content Guidelines.

The content guidelines will make sure your post doesn't get removed.

You should read the FAQ.

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Ongoing Projects.

Shabbat and Holidays - A Jewish calendar, including candle lighting times.

List of 5777's holidays

The next holidays are... (All holidays start the evening prior to the listed dates)

Rosh Chodesh Sivan - May 26

Shavuos - May 30 - June 1

Don't forget to count the Omer


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