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Jurassic Park: Spared No Expense

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Welcome to Jurassic Park!

A community 65 million years in the making!


  • Most of Europe: June 6/7/8

  • USA: June 22nd

A place to discuss the novels, films, games, & toys. Anything related to JP is welcome.

Please read the few rules posted below before submitting a new post.

Park Rules and Information

  1. Follow Reddiquette. Reddiquette is ever changing, so a revisit once in awhile is recommended.
  2. No spamming or ignoring Megathreads. This includes overwhelming the subreddit with your own content such as videos, blog posts, toys, pictures not in an album, and artwork. If there's a megathread, use it!
  3. Posts must be JP related. If your content is unrelated to Jurassic Park/World please post it in a relevant subreddit, and not here.
  4. Mark all spoilers using spoiler tag and no spoilers in titles

    Hide spoilers in posts using this method:

    \>!Put your spoiler text here!<

    Example: >!All dinosaurs are female!< 1. No low effort content, trolling, memes. Be creative. Memes are allowed in the form of high quality original content only.

  5. NSFW is allowed, but MUST be marked as NSFW.

Posts must create a discussion. Such examples are news stories or original content. Some content that may not create discussion are memes or NSFW posts, although NSFW is allowed, if not overly obscene.

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Click to message the mods if you have any questions or are concerned your post was caught in the spam filter.

Official Jurassic World sites:

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