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The name says it all: no men, no kids, just women in any color or shape you like. The hot part we leave it for the votes to decide.

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  1. Don't be rude to anyone.

Post Rules

  1. 18+ only.

  2. Direct links to images or albums. No links to blogs or news sites. Try using imgur, gfycat or reddit's own image host.

  3. Even though the sub is nsfw by default, you can submit sfw images.

  4. No spam. This means no to promoting other sites. You can post as many good images as you want and post the name of other subreddits. Cross posting is fine.

  5. Don't say you are the person in the image if you are not. If you are, please post a verification. This means an original, nude photo of yourself showing enough of your body to match with your other photos (face not required), holding a handwritten paper that includes your username and the current date. Crumple the paper into a ball, and straighten it back out before you take the picture. If you posted verification to another subreddit, link the post in the comments of your post and no need to send verification again.

  6. No reposts of anything posted here in the last 6 months.

  7. No tags like [f] (no men here) or [amateur].

  8. Don't be rude to anyone.


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