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Welcome Back to Third Grade!

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For jokes/images/memes/anything where the only punchline, or most of the punchline, is that someone said a swear.


  1. No bigotry

  2. Andrew Dice Clay is our lord and savior.

  3. No FUCKING personal info (if it is a real name rather than a meme page)

  4. Reposts (content that has been posted here within 1 month, or that is one of the top 25 posts of all time) are subject to removal.

  5. Links must be actual content. They should be something that you found in which swearing is the punchline or most of the punchline. If you make your own image specifically to post on here, you will be permanently banned. Text posts must be a discussion about the subreddit itself.

  6. No brigading. Do not vote or comment in linked reddit threads, or you will be banned.

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