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A place for all kinds of fucked up cuts. People cuts, animal cuts, ya dig?

Subs to steal fucked up cuts from

  • /r/blunderyears
  • /r/tinder
  • /r/progresspics
  • /r/FuckMyShitUp because people post there thinking it's us
  • /r/MajesticManes/


Violating the following rules will result in post removal. Repeat offenders will be made mods.

  1. Pictures must be of hair This does include animal fur, but does not include other fucked up shit (pubes ok tho). Everything other than the photo must be cropped out. For example, tinder pictures can be posted, but everything but the image should be cropped out.

  2. No reposts. The cut must not have been posted within the last 3 months, and must not be on the Classic Cuts list.

  3. No photoshopped images allowed. All cuts must be real and genuine. No drawings/paintings.

  4. All posts require a unique title. The title of the post must be different than the text in the image. Your title must be more than "just fuck my shit up" or "I got you fam".

  5. No harassment, racism, sexism, etc. and no identifiable information We may use some offensive words here and that is fine but this subreddit is a place for comedy not hate.

  6. No illnesses or injuries. We're here to laugh at people's poor hairstyle choices, not their medical conditions that they have no control over.

  7. Imgur, YouTube, Reddit, gfycat & image links only.

  8. No political posts or comments, we only care about the fucked up hair

  9. No white knighting its just pathetic. If you see a maiden in distress, report it.


  1. What does 'fam' mean?

  2. Can I be a mod?

  3. WTF is going on here?

  4. Can I get a flair? Yes, you can choose from predefined flairs. Alternatively, if you're in the right thread at the right time syz might give you some offensive shitflair. If you have a concern about the flair you've been assigned please contact us via modmail so we can give you an alternative, more horrendous, one in its place.

  5. Faggot mods

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