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Where Justice is Made

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> ##What is JusticePorn? > A place to see bullies getting their comeuppance. JusticePorn is about justice being served to wrongdoers, miscreants and ruffians.

> ##Rules for JusticePorn > 1. Posts must include justiceporn-- don't stray away from the theme. Fakes and posts without sufficient backstories will be removed. It should be a clear display of justiceporn.

> 2. NO requests for justice/revenge. Any requests will result in a ban.

> 3. No articles unless they have a video. (And not a video where its just a recount of what happened unless its substantial i.e. not a 5-o'clock news rundown).

> 4. No text submissions without sufficient proof. No social media submissions(facebook/twitter/instagram/etc). No memes or image macros as submissions.

> 5. Racist and/or bigoted comments and video titles will be removed and will result in a ban. Including "quoting" the submission. There is absolutely no need to make those comments.

> 6. No gifs. No compilations. Just post the video instead of the gif, compilations sometimes include non-justiceporn stuff. (If you want to post a gif. Post the video. Then post the gif in the comments).

> 7. No "story in comments" or "part 2/1 in comments" or anything like that. If you must use multiple links for your submission use a self post. For example: If your video has no context, but context is established in a news article. Use a self post to post the video AND the news article.

> 8. No spam/trolling/posting personal information/witchhunting/brigading. Do not repeat the information in the video. There is no reason to. Do not even make hints to personal information.

> 8. No politics whatsoever. This is your warning. All political submissions will result in a ban. This will be strictly enforced.

> ##Guidelines

Report a submission/comment

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