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We are a subreddit dedicated to helping writers improve their craft and fuel their creativity. Whether you're looking to get feedback on an idea, hear a critique, or get unstuck in a story, this is the right place.

Posting Guidelines

> Reciprocate. Before requesting any critique or feedback, please offer your own first. When offering feedback, be honest, but respectful. Productive criticism is obviously welcomed, but blatant bashing, personal attacks, and off-topic comments are not tolerated. Keep it related to writing. Whatever you are posting, it should have some ties to the overall theme of the sub. Self-promoting and self-validating posts will be removed if that is their only purpose. The same applies to low-level content posts that contain just a link >

Post Tags

> > * [WP/IP] is to be used for writing and image prompts respectively. The [Crit] tag should be used for any threads relating to feedback and critique. Use [Discussion] for general writing posts.

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