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Kik Pals

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Don't put your username or group name or scan code in your post or comment; exchange kik names via PM.

We are currently only verifying females

  • Include the tag [Verification] in your title, along with a picture of you holding a sign ( or writing on your body ) saying your reddit name, the name of the subreddit, and the date.

  • OR

  • Send a message to the moderators with all of that if you do not wish to publicly verify.

  • Subreddit Rules:

  • No Kik usernames or group hashtags, here is why

  • Clean chat only! Post your deviant/dirty/explicit content to r/dirtykikpals

  • Accounts must be older than three days.

  • Absolutely no phone numbers, any username for any website or application, e-mail addresses, or personal information in the body or comments of your post!

  • No posts in exchange for money, goods, or services.

  • Be civil. Don't be an asshole. No sexist generalizations. No racist and homophobic remarks/slurs. No ad hominems. No spamming the subreddit with the same comments over and over again.

  • If you see a post that you disagree with, please do not comment on it. Calling a person vile and disgusting is against rule #4.

  • Please be reasonable and only post once every 12 hours.

  • No posts like "Sent you a message" or "PM'd". They don't add anything useful to the submission and will be removed automatically by the Automoderator.

  • Moderators have a right to ban based upon these rules. If you have an issue with someone on the subreddit, please feel free to message the moderators or click "report" under a comment.

  • How to create a post:

  • When creating a post you are required to use the proper tags or the AutoModerator will automatically remove it.

  • The title should start off with your age and then the proper tag, you can pick from those listed below
  • M Stands for Male. F stands for Female. R stands for Redditor and T stands for Trans. Tag Examples: 22 [F4M], [M4F], [F4F], [M4M], [T4F], [T4M], [M4R], [F4R], [T4R].
  • You can add something constructive after the gender tag. So your title should look something like "20 [F4R] Outgoing young lady looking to talk to anyone."
  • Allowed tags: [META], [F4R], [F4M], [F4F], [F4T], [M4F], [M4M], [M4R], [M4T], [R4F], [R4M], [R4R], [R4T], [T4M], [T4F], [T4R] and [T4T]

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