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The Eternal Hunters

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>###Welcome to \/r/Kindred

Welcome to the subreddit dedicated to the League of Legends champion, Kindred: The perfect place for Kindred Mains and those who are interested in learning all about Lamb and Wolf.

Feel free to start a conversation! Post your Kindred fanart and videos, share your Kindred tips and guides, or discuss Kindred strategies and more.

\/r/Kindred Wiki:

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>###/r/ChampionMains Discord Server

>###Kindred Clubs

To join a Kindred Club, add the Club Owner to your friends list and wait for them to invite you.

Message the moderators to add your club here.

|Region|Club Name|Tag|Owner| |:--|:--|:--|:--| |NA|Kindred Mains|Hips|Kindreds Fat Ass| |NA|Kindred Mains 2|K1nd|Okayest Kindred| |EUW|KindredMains|KINDR|ShadowOfASoul| |EUNE|Kindred Mains|KNDRD|inhumane| |OCE|Kindred Mains|Kinny|Moonbringer0| |NA|Runeterra's Reapers|Flee!|Focus Him Please| |NA|Kindred Clan|1hpR|LordSwagYolo| |NA|Kindred's Eternal Forest|/Kind|Wölf| |NA|Kindred's lamb|/Lamb|Fayte| |NA|Wolf Chases Lamb|Prey!|mmhhuLp| |LAN|Jamas el uno, Sin el otro|Wàìfû|Kindred is my| |OCE|Kindred|N/A|DCoded| |EUNE|LAMB x WOLF|LAMBx|LZCC| |NA|Kindred's Left Buttcheek|N/A|kVfNorton| |NA|/Kindred|/KlND|CrucifyMike| |NA|Kindred Spirit|xHunt|Kelt| |LAS|Never one w/o the other|N/A|x0Poke0x| |EUW|Wolf and Lamb|Kηdrd|Imahur| |BR|Kindred mains|KíndD|Jhosvi| |NA|League of Thicc|/Hips|Leafy Leafeon| |LAS|K1ndred|Kiin!|Trinity Kindred| |KR|킨드레드 영겁의사냥꾼(Kindred Eternal Hunter)|킨드정글 (Kind Jungle)|킨드야캐요| |EUW|The Mask Of The Kindred|kńdrd|happylittleporo| |EUW|Kindred's Lovely Room|™Łamb|Wølƒarya|


Message the moderators to add your guide here.

  • \/u/red_Kind - redKind (Masters)

  • \/u/Amphydoodle (Masters)

  • \/u/supers0ak - Super Jungle (Platinum)

>###Twitch & YouTube

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  • \/u/red_Kind - redKind (Masters)

  • \/u/supers0ak - Super Jungle (Platinum)

  • \/u/bamboonbrains - BambooNBrains (Gold)

  • \/u/ajax1997 (Diamond)

Video Guide


  • \/u/bamboonbrains - BambooNBrains (Gold)

  • \/u/Snowlight4 - Snowlight (Platinum)

  • \/u/Amphydoodle - Dodge Lamb (Master)

  • \/u/ssdkdss - Quit Shouting (Platinum)

  • \/u/ramsaylohan - RamsayLohan (Diamond)

  • \/u/Boomer2g - Boomer (Platinum)

  • \/u/iSaint - Forest Within (Master)

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