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Kingdom Hearts

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Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts subreddit! This is an unofficial community of fans of the titular video game series. Post discussion, fan-art, videos, questions, and more here!

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Please see this page for a detailed breakdown of all rules.

  1. No irrelevant discussion; all submissions should be of decent quality and can't be reposted memes or low-effort/recycled gifs. This is not a Political Subreddit. Any mention of politics constitutes a violation of Rule 1.

  2. Follow Reddiquette.

  3. Show basic courtesy and respect for others.

  4. All Kingdom Hearts 3 content must be marked as a spoiler. Spoilers cannot be included in submission titles.

  5. Certain kinds of submissions will automatically be removed; see this page for a full breakdown.

  6. No discussion of piracy.

  7. You must include the source of any fan art or creations as a comment to your submission.

  8. No discussion of hacking Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ.

  9. Add a tag to all posts; see this page to see your options.

  10. Members can only post "Rate my Pull"-type submissions (pulls, guilts, awakenings, etc.) in the Weekly Discussion Thread.


NOTE: Spoilers should be used for any post relating to Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts X. This includes the announcement of release date(s), new worlds and characters, plot developments, interviews which contain plot details, potential leaks and credible rumors, and anything you deem spoiler-worthy at your descretion. However, this does not extend to fan art or discussions about what you wish to be in Kingdom Hearts (with the exception of what worlds/characters you want to be in the game; those will be removed). You do not need to spoiler those posts.

If you're writing a comment and want to obscure some text as spoiler, just do the following.

[Don't read this](/spoiler)


Don't read this

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