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The Kingkiller Chronicle

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Welcome to Kingkiller Chronicle

This reddit is dedicated to everything related to The Kingkiller Chronicle, a fantasy trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss, telling the biography of "Kvothe", an adventurer, arcanist and musician.

The Kingkiller Chronicle series

More from the world of Temerant:


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** Be respectful towards others.

** Elaborate your thoughts where possible.

** No politics. (Unless they are part of the books)

** Please provide context where possible.

** No more circlejerk/complaints about book 3 not being released yet. Removal is decided by the mods discretion.

** Please message the mods for complaints/ideas regarding the sub first before posting, as this will result in the quickest solution.

Spoiler Policy

Always tag spoilers in your comments!

  • [Spoiler](/s "spoiler-text inside quotes")

will show up as:


You can put any warning-text instead of the word Spoiler, to preface the spoiler or give it context. Examples:

Book 2: WMF

Speculation about Kvothe

Never put spoilers in the post title!

Please consider tagging submissions with which book the spoilers pertain to:

-[Spoilers All]: for all kind of spoiling information.

-[Spoilers NOTW]:for The Name Of The Wind spoilers.

-[Spoilers WMF]: for The Wise Man's Fear spoilers.

-[Spoilers KKC]: for spoilers only pertaining to the Kingkiller Chronicle, and not the rest of Pat's works.

-[Spoilers LT]: for The Lightning Tree spoilers.

-[Spoilers SR] or [Spoilers SRoST]: for The Slow Regard Of Silent Things spoilers.

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