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The Knights of Pineapple

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Welcome Knights

We here at /r/KnightsOfPineapple fight for pineapples on pizza. There are many filthy peasants here on reddit that believes pineapples are disgusting, but they are wrong and their opinion must be changed or we must crush them

What to post

  • Post your exploits on reddit of convincing others to become knights.

  • Post your stories of fighting for the pineapple in real life and you shall also be rewarded.

  • Pictures of pineapples and pineapples on pizza and pineapples pizza and pizzas with pineapple and etc. are appreciated

General Rules

  1. Anyone who advocates against pineapples and their putting on pizza will be banned and stabbed with a pineapple, the king of fruit. We do not shame pineapples here.

  2. Do not disrespect fellow knights. We are all fighting for the same cause. Hateful comments will be removed.

  3. If any users are caught breaking the rules, there will be consequences. Please report any users who are not abiding by the rules or don't like pineapple.

  4. This image is banned unless altered to support our kingdom.

  5. All pizzas and pineapples are beautiful.


Thanks to our sponsors we are able to keep this kingdom running, tax-free

  • The pineapple pizza fork™

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