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La Beauté Féminine - Appreciating the beauty of the female form

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> Race/Ethnicity/Etc. Asian Black Eastern-European Hispanic/Latina Indian MENA Nordic * Southern-European


> Physical Qualities Perfect 10 GB (Great Body) Pale Skin Tan Skin Olive Skin Bronze Skin Freckles Tattooed Piercings Alt. (Alternative) SB (Small Breasts) W-E (Well-Endowed) Au-Natural Trimmed C-S (Clean-Shaven) Nice Bum Thin Curvy/Voluptuous Cute Petite Tall Pregnant Mature Fit/Athletic Inner Thigh Gap (ITG) * Venus Dimples


> Hair/Eye Color Blonde Brunette Dyed Gray/White Hair Raven-Haired Redhead Blue Eyes Brown Eyes Green Eyes


> Style/Feature/Etc. Album/Gallery Amateur Black & White Blog Body Art/Paint Clay Celebrity Dance Educational Fantasy Figure Study Implied Nude Marble Original Content (OC) Oil Outdoors Portrait Religious Sci-Fi Selfie/Self-Shot Sepia Watercolor Website * Yoga/Stretching


> Mediums Photography Painting Sculpture Digital Art Video Drawing/Sketch Animation * Gif



La Beauté Féminine is a subreddit devoted to tasteful nude art featuring females. Art that doesn't degrade or objectify, but glorify the female form. Whether painting or photo, sculpture or sketch, all mediums of artistic expression are welcome. You can submit images, videos, and GIFs. As well as link to blogs, websites, and galleries.

The Rules

  • Do not post child pornography.

  • Do not post leaked photos of individuals or revenge porn.

  • Do not post pornographic material—i.e. sexual acts (e.g. intercourse, masturbation, etc.).

  • Do not post sexually provocative or sexually objectifying material.

  • Please give your submission a flair relevant to the content.

  • Tagging your submissions is highly recommended (for navigation and discovery purposes), but not mandatory. You can tag your posts whatever you like and use as few tags as you want, but so others can find them easily via the drop-down menu please try and use the tags found there. Enclose your tags in one pair of square brackets and separate each tag with a comma.

Example: [Redhead, Pale Skin]

  • If possible, link to images directly. This is the preferred convention on Reddit. This can be achieved by right-clicking on an image and either selecting "copy image location" or "view image" and copying the image's url, and then submitting the copied url.

  • Photographers, artists and models are free to submit their own work. This will not be considered spamming unless multiple posts (over 3 for photographers and artists, over 2 for models) are made in a short period of time. Please tag such submissions [OC].

  • Keep the language respectful.

  • Not a rule, but try to credit the author of your submission, if possible. If you want to be really gracious, you could also link to the author's website/profile in the comments page.

You can also accredit the model in the work, if you so desire.

Image Viewing Links

Recommended Hosts

  • Imgur - Pictures, GIFs & GIFVs
  • Gfycat - HTML5 GIFs (15 sec. time limit)

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