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Place for making joke about potato no have

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  • NEW Posts are in kapitalist English only. No Latvian. No glorious Russian. Just kapitalist pig-dog English.

  • NEW There is going to be a three-strike rule. Content that does not follow the rules, is simply annoying, or is in poor taste will be removed and the poster given a warning. Three warnings and the poster receives a 24 hour ban. Another violation and the poster will be permanently banned. However, we reserve the right to immediately ban people who spam or make racist and bigoted remarks.

  • Politburo jurisdiktion inklude jokes with punshline of only potato. Should politburo be findings Latvian dissident who make joke of sutsh nature, will be sent immediately to /r/SiberianGulag

  • Anyone who post picture of "the history and social influence of the potato" book, or this pikture of woman will be ban instantly and sent Siberian Gulag, no warnings.

  • If kurious of origin of Latvian joke, go here.

  • For ask questions of politik party, go to /r/AskPolitburo. Is not trap, we promise!

If your post has been disappeared, is probably spam filter. You will please to message mods with link to post.

If like, check
and /r/CrazedComics

If have khristmas spirit, look at /r/Wrapping

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