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Lazy Cats - Cats that are lazy

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This subreddit stands against hate speech


Keep these in mind when posting and commenting.

  1. Please try to keep cussing and unnecessary name calling to a minimum.
  2. Use of any racial, sexual, or homophobic slurs or comments, whether in jest or otherwise, will not be tolerated.
  3. Do not come here to collect downvotes. If your account has -100 comment karma or less, you may be banned on sight.
  4. Your post should have a cat (and a lazy one at that!) as the main focus. Posts that contain any other animals will be removed.
  5. Don't downvote things just because you disagree with it.
  6. Report rule breaking content, and message the mods! We do not get any sort of notification when a post is reported, but we are notified of messages.
  7. Not everyone has been on reddit as long as you. Reposts are okay.
  8. No NSFW content.

Rules are enforced at moderators discretion. Repeat offenders will be banned.

Do not appeal a removal in the comments - message us instead.

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