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League of Legends Giveaways

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Please read the rules before submitting anything.


This subreddit is for giving away skins, champions, RP, merchandise, and other unlockables for the huge MOBA game League of Legends.

  • Rules:

  • No begging/asking for codes.

  • Anything against the LoL Terms of Use is not allowed.

  • No referral-type giveaways.

  • Giving away accounts is not allowed.

  • No shortened URLs.

  • First come first serve giveaways are allowed but you need to obfuscate the code.

  • Accounts created less than 2 weeks ago are ineligible for giveaways.

  • This is a giveaway subreddit, not a trading subreddit.

  • Posting scam links will result in a ban.

  • Giveaways that involve adding certain summoners as friends on League of Legends are not allowed.

  • Giveaways with unattainable milestones are not allowed.

  • Read More.


  • Making a Giveaway Thread:

  • When creating a thread, you MUST tag your title with [GIVEAWAY]. The title should also state what region the prizes being given away will work on. Examples:

  • [GIVEAWAY][NA]Pax Sivir

  • [GIVEAWAY][EUW]Full Metal Rammus

  • [GIVEAWAY][EUNE]Riot Graves

  • [GIVEAWAY][ALL]Pax Teemo

  • The ALL region defines a giveaway that users of any server can enter.


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  • /r/leagueoflegends

  • /r/summoners/

  • /r/TeamRedditTeams


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