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Legal Teens

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> ##REMINDER: No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors.

> ##Verification Request > 1. You need to post a verification pic with you holding a paper with your username, todays date and a mention of R/LegalTeens Crumple the paper, and straighten it back out. > 2. Take at least 2 pictures of yourself holding a paper from 2 different angles, upload to Imgur and send us the link Please upload clear photo with face & don't delete post in future.

> ####Submit Verification

Additional Rules:

  • Girls from 18 U.S.C. § 2257-compliant sites only, please.
  • Amateur content must be non-nude.
  • No spam or self promotion (includes sellers)
  • No massive watermarks allowed
  • All submissions must be from an approved image host (imgur, gfycat, or reddituploads).
  • No video submissions
  • Don't ask for Upvote.
  • Don't add snapchat/facebook or instagram usename in title.
  • Don't repost anything in the top 100. Please check! 30 day ban for offenders.

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> NOTE: If you're going to report something, you MUST leave a comment explaining why, or it will be ignored. Blog posts are not acceptable. Posts that are not direct image links (e.g. tumblr pages) may be removed.

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