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Lesbian Gifs

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/r/Lesbian_gifs is your source of gifs, webms, and other animated material depicting women showing their affection for each other. Sticking to imgur or gfycat for your links will generally insure that your posts don't get removed, but there are exceptions. Message the mods if your posts don't appear.

Posts to videos are welcome here, but any links to spam/linking sites are a fast track to removal and a ban.

  • Content may be NSFW or SFW but ALL MODELS MUST BE 18 OR OVER.

  • Save source requests for the comments section, not your title. Use /r/pornID and /r/TipOfMyPenis for your sleuthing.

  • Any non-lesbian posts or extreme fetishism is subject to removal by mods.

  • Hate speech or otherwise offensive material will earn you a trip to Bansterdam.

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