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Let's Talk Music

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Subreddit Rules

  • No throwaway comments

  • Comments must meet a general standard of quality determined by the moderators. All comments must be longer than simply a sentence or two, barring questions and a few other exceptions. Back up your opinions with details and examples. A comment should always further the discussion in some way, whether it be through adding onto the original post, contributing information, offering an opposing viewpoint, etc. Any comments that do not meet this standard of quality will be removed.

  • OP must get the discussion going

  • Try to engage in intriguing conversation. Trivial and uninteresting threads might be deleted. New topics must aim to start a discussion, not just propose a topic. Posts should include in-depth questions and analytical opinions. Threads like "I like band x, do you?" or "Help me get into band y" don't belong here. Please do NOT begin submissions with "DAE" - this invites yes/no answers and does not stimulate discussion! If your contribution has been deleted and you feel peeved, feel free to let us know.

  • No list threads

  • Posts that, intentionally or not, invite list-like responses or say "check out this song/band" will be removed with extreme prejudice. Please try to formulate your post with this in mind. Try posting these in a subreddit such as /r/recordstore or /r/ifyoulikeblank. Wanna know where to start with a band or genre? /r/WhereDoIStart. For general recommendations go to /r/listentothis and /r/listentous.

  • No recommendation threads

  • Unless there is a deeper level of discussion to the question, recommendation threads should be put in the general discussion post.

  • Provide links

  • If you mention a song or an album in a comment, please take the time to add a Youtube link or a streaming playlist, so readers can easily check them out. Mentioning music without linking to the music is difficult for someone who is not familiar with it.

  • No filesharing

  • /r/letstalkmusic is not the place to solicit or post links to illegal music downloads. Filesharing is not allowed here!

  • Be nice

  • Insulting others and general rudeness will not be tolerated, and will result in a ban.

Let the moderators know of any suggestions and complaints you have through moderator mail, not PM.

Subreddit Goals

This is a community for people who are passionate about music. Here, stimulating, in-depth music discussions aren't rare.

We would like to encourage posts that lead to heady discussions and lively debate. Assume your fellow contributors are somewhat cultured in music and are looking to write and read posts and comments that illuminate and challenge our ideas about music and the joy of listening to it.

Album Discussion Club

Click the picture at the top of the page to join the conversation!

Anyone is welcome to join our weekly album discussion club where we listen to and talk about our favorite albums and albums that are brand new to us. Official threads will be created by a moderator for weekly album discussion and for monthly album nomination and voting.

Album Discussion Club Archive

Weekly Threads

  • What Have You Been Listening To?

  • "What Have You Been Listening To?"-threads are posted every wednesday at 10:00 am est, and provide a platform to just talk about what music we've been listening to. These threads are meant to encourage sharing of music and promote discussion about artists.

  • General Discussion

  • "General Discussion"-threads are posted every thursday at 10:00 am est, and are a free-for-all rulefree zone where we can talk about whatever without caring about our usual rules. This is the place to pose list-threads, ask for recommendations, and talk about anything that isn't worth a full post.


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