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/r/LivestreamFail: For Your Win or Fail Livestream Moments

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  • Welcome to /r/LivestreamFail: the place for livestream wins, fails and fuck-ups. (with the occasional meta post) This is the subreddit for your Livecap/Oddshots/twitch clips, GIFs, VoDs and YouTube videos of livestream fails/wins.

  • No moderators of this subreddit work for Twitch.

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  • This subreddit has a few simple rules put in place to ensure everything here is up to a good standard. Breaking these rules will lead to punishment at the moderators' discretion.

  • 1. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes linking to personal information (or doxing), unless it's relevant to the fail (e.g. a tweet about the fail from the streamer).

  • 2. Posts must be within the guidelines of the content we allow (Wins/Fails/Drama/Meta/etc). Regular video game deaths or small bugs in games (H1Z1) are likely to be removed. Compilations will be removed as well. Frequently submitted streamers may be held to a higher standard of quality & may be removed if the content does not reach a higher vote threshold.
  • 3. Posts must be marked and flaired correctly.
  • 4. Streamers sharing too much information or creating drama for drama sake are not fails. (As voted on by the users) And will be deleted.
  • 5. All Twitch clips and VODS that are against ToS/NSFW are required to have a mirror in the comments or your post will be deleted within an hour of posting.
  • 6. No self promotion (This includes having your mods or friends post for you).
  • 7. No inside jokes (IE. Things people won't get unless they watch the particular streamer you're posting about)
  • 8. No Click Bait Titles
  • 9. No politics / Personal Agenda
  • 10. No "He said it" posts
  • 11. No Swatting related posts
  • Please report posts which you feel break any of these simple rules.
  • If a video goes down, it may be up on this website.


  • These guidelines are for if you'd like to get everything perfect. You don't have to abide by these, but doing so can make your post far better.

  • If your post is a long video (i.e. five or more minutes long), be sure to put a timestamp of the beginning of the fail in the comments. If it's a YouTube link, you can append it onto the end of the URL to automatically start playing at a specific timestamp, e.g. &t=3m24s.

  • If you're submitting a link directly to a Twitch VoD, a YouTube link that isn't yours, etc., it's a good idea to rip it and upload a mirror somewhere else, just in case the original gets deleted somehow.

  • If you're submitting a frequently posted streamer, be aware your post may be removed if it doesn't meet a higher vote threshold than non-frequently submitted streamers. You may be better off posting in that particular streamers subreddit or community.

  • If you submit a video of a Text to Speech donation, read donor name, or song with racial slurs in it, it will be removed.

The following streamers are BANNED from this subreddit for breaking our rules:

Kaceytron, Ninja, zyke, Mira, PantsAreDragon, Cyberdemon531a, BurgerAndy, Athene, Avxry.





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