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Logic Studio

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Discussion of and links related to Apple Logic and related technologies, including Logic Pro, Logic Pro X, Logic Remote, MainStage, GarageBand, Audio Units, and any methods or software you use to interact with these. Tutorials and links to learning resources are welcome. AU, or Audio Unit, technology is on-topic, but VSTs are off-topic. Posts about VSTs will be deleted.

Trade in software and services relevant to Logic is permitted, but as with all such things, caveat emptor. You alone are responsible for ensuring a fair and proper exchange.

Piracy is not supported. Do not encourage, normalize, or enable piracy. To do so will earn you an indefinite ban.

Requests for "quick help" will be removed. Reddit is not a real-time platform. Expectations of time constraints for "help" are unreasonable.

Posts should have descriptive titles, not simply "please help" or similar. Posts without descriptive titles will be removed.

  1. r/Logic_Studio is not solely a tech support forum. Tech support requests are fine, but the scope of r/Logic_Studio is all matters related to Logic and related technologies.
  2. "Pro" techniques, tips, and advanced discussion of Logic are invited here. The professional and the amateur are both welcome.
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