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? Posting Rules:

  • 1.Absolutely no posting of real children.

  • 2.No discussing real children.

  • 3.Only sex that is allowed is Vanilla/Yuri

  • 4.Lewdity is allowed, however only modestly. If you have a question whether something is acceptable or not, ask a Mod.

  • 5.Absolutely no violent, rape or disturbing images or comments of lolis. Lolis are made for tender loving.

  • 6.This subreddit is Fur-free, so please keep furry posts to other subreddits.

  • 7.Please tag the artist or series in your post, if it comes from a game or original content please tag it accordingly.

  • 8.Be respectful to everybody's taste and they will respect yours (Unless you have shit taste).

  • 9.Use albums instead of making multiple posts. Don't spam the front page.

  • 10.No low-quality posts or meme images. Mods reserve the right to deem a post low-quality.

  • 11.Toddlercon is not welcome.

  • 12.Advertise only in comments, not post titles.

? Spoiler Tags:

  • Please use the format:

  • [Spoiler text goes here](/spoiler)

  • Will display: Spoiler text goes here

  • Please use spoilers to respect people who haven't seen the show.

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