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Welcome to /r/LoveLive! This subreddit is dedicated to anything related to Love Live!


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News and Events

  • [May 10] CYaRon! sub unit single

  • [May 31] AZALEA sub unit single

  • [June 21] Guilty Kiss sub unit single

  • [June 30] Aqours Club CD Set released

  • [Aug 5/6] Aqours 2nd Live Tour at Nagoya

  • [Aug 19/20] Aqours 2nd Live Tour at Kobe

  • [Sep 29/30] Aqours 2nd Live Tour at Saitama

  • [Fall 2017] Season 2 of Love Live Sunshine

For more events, check out this fan-made calendar by /u/lk_raiden.




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  • There are also 5 PVs and 1 OVA from Muse and 2 PV's from Aqours, you can view them here (lovelivereddit)

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