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Mass Effect Multiplayer and CoOp

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> ## Posting Guidelines

> 1. Anything NOT Mass Effect Multiplayer related WILL be taken down.

> 2. In game screenshots/videos/related objects of lobbies, character customization, or unlocks are not allowed. If you post a screenshot of something interesting or notable, you must include a comment of what makes the screenshot interesting or notable.

> 3. Memes should be posted in /r/MassEffectMeme.

> 4. Promoting cheats with the intent to exploit them is not permitted. Teaching others how to cheat/exploit may result in a ban.

> 5. Livestreams should be contained in a selfpost and must be taken down upon termination of the stream.

> 6. Starting witch hunts or posting user IDs without their permission is not permitted. Has anything good ever come from hunting witches?

> 7. No discrimination of any kind for any reason. No attacks. Be civil.

> All mod decisions are final. Please message us in modmail if you have any concerns you would like to discuss.

> # Quick Wiki Links [MEA]

> * [Beginner's Guide to Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer] (

> # Quick Wiki Links [ME3]

> * Beginner's Guide to MECoOp - Alternative Newbie Guide (Not Wiki)

> * FAQ

> * The Compendium of Commonly Used Language.

> * The Big Bad List of Builds.

> * The Mass Effect Co-Op College

> * Archived List of ME3 Useful Links

> ## Need Teammates?

> #Useful Links

> * Big Bad List of Builds: Andromeda Edition

> * Unofficial BSN Forums

> * Narida's Andromeda Unlock Checklist (Mobile-friendly)

> * ME:A Weapon Data Spreadsheet (Chypsylon)

> * JRandall0308s Strike Team Guide

> * Salsadips Store Guide

> * Overview of all the Maps

> * LethalityConcepts Ultimate Beginners Guide

> * Numerical Data Masterbook for ME:A

> * ME:A Weapon Calculator

> ###Related Subreddits:

> * /r/masseffect

> * /r/dragonage

> * /r/DragonAgeCoOp


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