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Welcome to the MLP Lounge,

A meeting place for bronies to discuss anything and everything SFW.

As the name would suggest this subreddit is a-filly-ated with /r/mylittlepony.

Latest Updates


  1. No NSFW - Keep links and themes in Comments AND Submissions SFW. The moderators may remove unsuitable posts on a case by case basis.

  2. No Flooding the New Queue - The mods will remove topics from the new queue if they reach a point where they impede the use of the new queue. To contribute to these trends and topics, Please reply to the parent post.

  3. Be Respectful - Do not alienate any specific individual, nor groups of people. Do not be a jerk.

  4. Mark Spoilers and Keep Major Spoilers out of Post Titles - Tag spoilers and avoid putting spoilers in titles of posts. MLP spoilers must be tagged until 48 hours after the episode airs. Use common sense as to if non-MLP spoilers should be tagged or not.

For more information, see the rules page.

The Plounge also has many loose community-enforced rules that are shown here in the list of Plounge Norms. All new members should read these to familiarize themselves with the ways of the subreddit.

BPM is highly recommended for optimum Plounging.









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