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Make Me Feel Better

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Has something terrible happened in your life? Are things just not going your way? Have you lost a loved one? Many people have some great stories to tell about some not-so-great occurrences in their lives. This is the place to talk about it. Don't go through it alone! Talk amongst fellow Redditors who would be happy to help.

Be Supportive If what you're saying is having a negative impact on someone seeking support, your comments may be removed, and you may be banned. If you would like to get off the ban list you can message the mods.

Reminder: After posting a submission, check the new section. If your post isn't up within a couple of minutes, copy the link of your submission and message the mods with it to let us know it's in the spam filter. Otherwise, we will try to check as often as possible to get it out.

This subreddit is also great for those who get gratification out of helping others. If you want to help but can't think of the words or don't have time, vote them up to draw more attention to it so that others can find and help them.

Please report comments you find to be overly rude or offensive.

Helpful links:

If you'd like to talk to someone RIGHT NOW, try this link

Related subreddits:

For those who don't mind a harsher approach, try /r/HowToNotGiveAFuck

If you see someone commenting or posting in a way that does not fit the tone of this subreddit, please report them and one of the mods will review the comment or post and respond accordingly.

Please do not offer or ask for any financial donations. The best we can offer here is moral support. Requests for suggestions about financial troubles are welcome.

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If you are removed for being too harsh in posts and you believe it was done unfairly, please message the mods. Also, if you don't see your posts because they go straight to spam , let us know. The filter has a mind of its own.

Do not intentionally post comments to hurt anyone's feelings or be rude or mean. These comments will be removed and you can and will be removed for the subreddit. We also do not allow submissions posted simply to be funny.

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