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Machine Learning

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[Libratus Poker AI Team (12/18/2017)] (

DeepMind AlphaGo Team (10/19/2017)

Google Brain Team (9/17/2017)

[Google Brain Team (8/11/2016)] (

The MalariaSpot Team (2/6/2016)

OpenAI Research Team (1/9/2016)

Nando de Freitas (12/26/2015)

Andrew Ng and Adam Coates (4/15/2015)

Jürgen Schmidhuber (3/4/2015)

[Geoffrey Hinton (11/10/2014)] (

Michael Jordan (9/10/2014)

Yann LeCun (5/15/2014)

Yoshua Bengio (2/27/2014)


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Metacademy is a great resource which compiles lesson plans on popular machine learning topics.

For Beginner questions please try /r/LearnMachineLearning , /r/MLQuestions or

Advanced Courses

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