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Break out your Gerstner and get to work. Just remember to wash your hands before and after you go to the bathroom.

For anything tooling related, from belt grinders to Bridgeports to CNC programming.

Have some pride in your specialty, and set your flair on the sidebar to declare your area of expertise!

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The /r/ machinists code of conduct

Be polite. You don't have to like the way that someone else drills a hole, but there is absolutely no reason to personally attack, harass or insult another user. If you see this behavior taking place in a thread, please report it so that the moderation team can remove the offending posts.

Posting gory or gruesome pictures is totally fine. Be it machine gore or how you sliced your finger off on a bandsaw. Please tag the Post as NSFW. We are, by default an adult community but plenty of adults are squeamish. Keep the ER pics tagged guys. If you see a pic that isnt tagged please report. One of us will warn the offending party. Cheers guys! Now, get back to work!

If you are looking to post a job opening, our only requirement is that you post the salary or hourly wage of the job posting.

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