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Welcome to /r/MaddenMobileForums!

We are a discussion forum for Madden NFL Mobile by EA Sports. Join our community by subscribing above!

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Community Guidelines

See our [rules wiki] ( for complete descriptions.

All posts should:

  1. Be relevant to Madden Mobile or the NFL
  2. Contain an appropriate title
  3. Be tagged with an appropriate flair

The following will result in your submission being removed:

  1. Selling or trading for legal currency
  2. Discussion of hacks and glitching (discussion of bugs allowed)
  3. Repost from the past couple hours
  4. League recruitment (/r/MaddenMobileH2H)
  5. "Generic" posts (“buy my card please”)

The following will result in an immediate ban without warning:

  1. Spamming or excessive trolling
  2. Harassment and toxicity
  3. Self promotion or advertising from a non-MM website (such as Instagram).

Please use the pinned judgment free questions thread if you have a quick question.

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