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Do you need someone to review your poetry, to discuss philosophy, ask advice about what to do with the girl next door? Are you stuck awake, bored in an airport, or just want someone new to talk to? If yes, then this is the perfect subreddit for you to do just that!

Meet other Redditors with common interests no matter how far apart they live.

Start conversations to get to know each other better!


1. No relationships. This is not a dating site. Just be friends, don't make babies!

2. No pornography or any kind of nudity. The sole purpose of this subreddit is to make friends. People of age 13-17 come here, and participate. We do not want to cause them any trouble with their parents.

3. Posting personal contact information on a public thread is not allowed. Please do not swap facebook, G+, instagram, snapchat, phone numbers or any other personal contact info on the subreddit. Only do so through pm.

4. No advertisements. This is not a place for you to promote your stuff.

5. Posts for chat rooms and similar sites will be removed.

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