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This subreddit is for heavy make up in sexy situations. Keep it friendly, keep it hot.

Make sure you regularly check the 'new' tab, next to 'hot' at the top of your feed, there's usually a bunch of extra content there that might not appear initially.


We have a counterpart tumblr blog which can be found here. There's a lot of stuff on there that isn't here so check it out!

Music Videos

A large thread for music videos featuring heavy or otherwise sexy or interesting makeup. There's 2 now:



[3] (

Feel free to add to the list at any time.

Reddpics Thumbnails

Large thumbnails of picture submissions can be found in a grid - here.

Tagging: tagging is optional but preferred as it helps other users indulge their preferences. Useful tags are:


Multiple tags are fine.

Preferred image hosting is imgur.

Please use the direct link, like this.

For large files, or as backup hosting use minus

Similar Subs for your perusal

Please message the mods with further suggestions here; the more the merrier.

Please request permission from the original poster before you repost other people's self-pictures, especially if it's from a SFW sub like r/makeupaddiction.

Also if interacting in that (or other) subs, please comment respectfully and in a way keeping with its intentions as a SFW sub. What constitutes fair comment here, may well be crass and unwelcome there.

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