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Makeup Addiction

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MakeupAddiction Rules

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  1. No harassment/name calling.
  2. No photo editing/filters/skin smoothing.
  3. Every makeup look and collection must have a complete and detailed product list in the comments.
  4. All fake blood/injuries must be marked NSFW.
  5. No self-promotion of Youtube/social media/blogs/your business; limited linking in comments is acceptable.
  6. No referral links, surveys, giveaways, or seeking to buy or sell.
  7. Remove products from packaging and open the product itself before posting.
  8. Keep MUA clutter free.
  9. Representatives of a company/for an AMA must be verified by a mod before posting.
  10. Posts with titles that are irrelevant or manipulate the vote count will be removed.

Violations of rules will result in your post being removed

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