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Makeup Addiction

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MakeupAddiction Rules

    1. Harassing others, including posting photos to ridicule others, will result in an immediate ban
    1. Photo editing is not allowed, except color correction for accuracy. No filters (including beauty/selfie mode and any automatic filters).
    1. A complete and detailed product list is required to be posted in the comments for every single makeup look (including FOTDs & hauls). If you are unable to, please message the mods.
    1. All fake blood/injuries MUST be marked NSFW.
    1. Do NOT link directly to YouTube, Instagram, blogs or any social media. You can link in the comments, but repeatedly doing so will result in your posts being removed. No referral links. No surveys. MUA is not a place for buying/selling and self-promotion.
    1. Products must be removed from packaging for hauls or collections (the makeup must be seen) & swatches are highly encouraged.
    1. Keep MUA clutter-free. Clutter posts (such as memes, pets, children, text convos, textiles etc.) will be removed.
    1. You must be verified by a mod before posting AMAs, Q&As, giveaways, or if identifying as company. Read more here
    1. Posts with titles that garner sympathy or manipulate the vote count will be removed.
  • Violations of rules will result in your post being removed

Discouraged Comments

  • "You look better without makeup"
  • "You're sexy" - *If you wouldn't say it to your sister, it's probably not appropriate here
  • Comments about age or weight
  • "How can you afford that?"
  • Unsolicited skincare/acne advice
  • Report inappropriate comments!
  • CC is appropriate on all posts, except post special event looks.

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