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Malaysian Personal Finance

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Welcome, to /r/MalaysianPF.
Selamat datang ke /r/MalaysianPF.

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> "Get your financial house in order. Learn how to better manage your money and debt in both the short and long term. Find out how to save an emergency fund and invest for your future." -/r/personalfinance

Here, we do it the Malaysian way la of course. Instead of Roth IRA, Vanguard and suddenly having millions of USDs, we'll be using RM, talking about RON95, inflated pricetags on real estate, prices of kangkung, EPF, GST, which bank/credit card? etc.

Subreddit Rules

  • Observe reddiquette, please. Revealing personal information, insults, flaming and trolling in particular are highly frowned upon and will result in warnings/bans.

  • Posts and comments in both English and Malay are welcome. Feel free to ask for translations; there are many who will be happy to oblige.


Ask about a car loan or budgeting, inquire fellow Malaysians about that new credit card promotion, post general advice, alert fellow local redditors about the latest scam! Share tips and guide other confused countrymen.

Don't worry about posting jokes, memes or relevant news articles here as long as they generate discussion and is on-topic. At the meantime we should all remember to stay civil with our postings.

Most importantly, be polite to your fellow people. We're all here to help and learn from each other! :)


Frequently asked questions? We don't even have a question asked yet! Go on, ask some questions.

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